Letter to the Editor

I found Rex Reed's brutal miscategorizations and stereotypes about people with Asperger's syndrome in his recent review of the movie "Adam" published on 7/28 extremely offensive.

His comments, while ignorant and hurtful to those of us who are not "neurologically typical", speak more to his difficulty coping with people who are different in a way he doesn't understand.

Even still, this kind of hateful misrepresentation of people with Asperger's presented as -entertainment- can and will be bad for your business.

Those of us who act and think differently than most may be a minority, but we struggle for our rights and dignity just as hard as any other minority. There's a lot of misunderstanding about mental illness and developmental disorders out there, and people who contribute to those misunderstandings risk alienating them from a small but unique and exceptional group of people. It wouldn't be acceptable to smear people with bipolar disorder as "untrustworthy" any more than it is acceptable than to smear people with Asperger's as unloving or incapable of putting other people's needs above their own.

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