NSNA Annual Convention 2009 - Day 1

As is usually the case with events like this, I left the packing to the very last minute and got little sleep. On the way to the airport, I realized I had forgotten my regular digital camera, my travel tripod and the charger for the MP3 player. Oh well, no big deal. I sleepwalked through the airport, air travel having become somewhat routine for me by now. I briefly entertained notions of leaving the flip camcorder on as I passed it through the TSA checkpoints but then thought better of it.

From CT to Atlanta to Nashville, the last leg of the trip was only a 37 minute flight, and I barely had time to nap or play with sis' laptop.

The Gaylord Opryland is an impressively large resort, although the Gaylord Texan where we had last year's convention set the bar pretty high. From what I can tell so far I like the Texan better, since there were more casual places to eat and drink, and a sports bar with large sofas you can lounge on and smoke a pipe with your beer (The Opryland is no-smoking inside). The lack of casual dining/pubbing is disappointing (it was in these environments I made the most entertaining acquaintances last year), but we'll see what the on-site nightclub "Fuse" has to offer. It's billed as a "Las Vegas style nightclub". No word yet on if that means there's gambling inside or strippers or what.

(::Sigh:: cowboys and angels...remember that tom robbins book?)

When I got to the desk to sign in for the convention, they didn't have my registration on file! A quick scan of my email revealed that I never got a confirmation email. I ended up having to pay AGAIN for the convention, fortunately the member services chap gave me the discounted pre-registration rate. Still, though, after the shuttle, repaying the registration fee, picking up some sundries I forgot (shave, deodorant, hairbrush, etc), and sitting down for a burger and a cold beer I have..let's see...probably about 100 dollars left...and I have 5 more days to go! I scrambled to call one of the credit card companies I had completely paid off and got them to express deliver a new card (I had destroyed the old one), but that won't get here for "1 to 2 business days". Looks like I have some challenges to my creativity and frugality ahead.

I finally managed to get a shower, after walking around the massive complex for a couple hours getting the lay of the land. Shaving with a non-electric razor is wierd! First time for everything I suppose.

Time to check out that nightclub. Pictures soon!

EDIT: Nightclub was somewhat lame, but thankfully I can charge drinks to my room.

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