Departure anniversary

It's that time again. The flight's booked, the hotel's reserved, and tomorrow I'll be heading out to Nashville TN for the annual NSNA convention. I'm bringing along a few fun toys on this trip, I just picked up a Flip HD camcorder, with which I intend to capture some fun video and post it here for those of you who are missing the convention.

I suppose that now I'm an RN and a card-carrying member of the ANA I should hit up some of their conventions, but the NSNA conventions I've been too in the past were so much fun I just couldn't pass it up. Since I'm no longer a student I won't be able to do all of the house of delegates stuff I've done in years past, and although I'll miss arguing pros and cons and displaying my superior knowledge of parliamentary procedure in front of the 1000+ member house of delegates, I'll be just as happy to advise students on how to get their resolutions passed, while keeping my fingers in the dirty politics and nasty tricks that always seem to surround the annual elections.

I'll also be bringing my Tenori-On and Kaoss Pad just in case I'm called upon to generate phat beats (you never know).

This will also be a nice opportunity to catch up on my blogging, as some of you may have noticed I've been slacking on the blogging front lately, mostly because of the plethora of music projects I've gotten myself into.

I tried and tried to find someone to drag along for the ride this time around, partially because travel is more fun with a companion and partially because the annual NSNA convention marks a rather maudlin anniversary for me.

I'm flying solo, and I'm not traveling with a group or anything, but I always find groups of cool kids to hang out with, almost instantaneously. One of my former classmates pointed out I have a gift for that sort of thing.

Work is going great, by the way. I'm starting to get noticed for the things I do exceptionally well, much to my surprise I won some hard-earned praise for my -assessment skills- (as a new grad that's one area that I'm constantly unsure of myself in). One of the non-nursing higher-ups pointed out that my customer service background from working at radioshack have also turned me into an asset. I'm picking up tons of extra shifts and winning brownie points left and right. I was a little worried at first that my attempt to "hard-reset" the local gossip structure would backfire, but now even the aides are saying nice things about me!

It's time for a break though, some rest. Six days in Nashville should do the trick, even though warm weather and hospitable southerners don't agree with me all that much. After a few 3p-7a and 7p-7a shifts, a few days off to relax, write, play and converse with some of the most motivated, intelligent and caring people in the world is just what the Nurse ordered.

Some of ya I'll see there, and the rest, watch for videos!

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