A fancy party

The x-mas party was a blast. I took along a friend of mine who's a CNA to introduce her to the DNS and 1st shift lead CNA, but she ended up running into old friends among my coworkers. Go figure. I had a couple of nice heart-to-hearts with people I've gotten to know from work, and I'm going to have a sit-down over coffee with one of them who's been there a while to get the "whole scoop" on the place. Looking forward to it = very yes! I'm excited about the prospect of working with friends of mine. Two of my friends have even decided to go either take the CNA test or challenge it to come along for the ride!

I only took a couple pictures at the party because I was so occupied.

There were some hushed conversations with a lot of hand-and-arm holding involving some of the people who had been there longest, concerning our hospice patient who was doing well last we heard.

I came back to the facility the next morning for another 12-hour shift. The overnight shift reported to me that our hospice patient died while we were at the party.

The overnight shift also told me that the CNA I wrote up was working last night and cussed out the 2nd shift lead CNA so loudly that they could hear it from the nurse's station. Seeing that she was on the schedule again for today and the LPN she cussed out was also working with me, I called up our DNS and told her what was reported to me, explaining that I wouldn't be comfortable with her coming in.

I took her off the schedule, but had no way of informing her of this, since the phone number she gave us doesn't work. I got her -mother's- number from one of the other nurses (apparently that CNA has family connections with one or more of the RNs) and told her to pass along to her daughter that she wasn't on the schedule for today. The CNA later called to say she wouldn't be "returning back", which my sleep-deprived brain couldn't process.


"I won't be returning back."

"What does that mean?"

"I won't be returning."

"Oh, ok, thanks for calling." *click*

I called the scheduler while she was at her second job to let her know not to schedule her for any more shifts. I also explained what happened to the LPN who got yelled at by the CNA.

I called the temp agency and had someone else fill in. We could have gotten away with having three aides normally, but all of the residents had to be weighed during this day and the previous, and hardly any had been completed. The 1st shift lead CNA warned me about this at the party, so I was sure to look out for it.

I talked to one of the CNAs about the hospice patient, it was her first post-mortum care experience and she described cheyne-stokes respirations without knowing what they were, so we had a little chat about it standing out in the snow in front of the facility.

That particular CNA was working with a new-hire, fresh out of CNA school. The next shift, while doing rounds, discovered stool on the linen pad of one of our residents, so I called her up after she left. I really just told her that this was found on her side, and asked her to help me remind the new guy about all the things he's supposed to do. No write-up, just a friendly reminder.

Apparently, this CNA then started texting the CNA who had just quit, and -she- started texting her sister (who was on-shift, found the stool in the first place, and still had a job) to try to figure out who "ratted her out". Ironically, the chain of text messages lead straight to the person who found it and reported it to me in the first place, the sister of the CNA who was just fired/quit.

This CNA and the 2nd shift lead CNA -then- brought the text messages to my attention. What I told them was exactly what I told the CNA who was working with the new guy. I can't remember exactly how the conversation went down, but essentially it boils down to "so-and-so isn't working here any more, I just want to give you the heads up that if you talk to her about what goes on at work you're breaking the law."

It sounded like she got the point, hopefully she isn't too stressed out about it.

I'll be working all through the holidays this week, a bunch of 3-11 shifts out on the floor. I'd honestly rather be supervising but I can't go too long without doing some shifts on the floor, there are still things I need to figure out regarding how to balance the brutal grind of med-passes with individualized holistic care.

Maybe if I had some volunteers.....are you listening guys?

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