I'm having a hell of a time finding a professional chronometer. I want to be able to quickly and easily start multiple countdown timers, preferably with messages to go along with them.

Doing a quick internet search of what passes for "professional nursing watches" was immediately frustrating and infuriating. Apperantly this is what passes for the watch of a nursing professional nowadays:

A quick search for "medical watches" turned up a bunch of beeping or vibrating watches to remind people to take their meds. All well and good, but they're meant for daily consistent reminders, so that's not good.

I want to be able to set a 10 minute reminder to go back and take someone off their breathing treatment, for example. Set up an hourly alarm to remember to come back at regular intervals to complete different steps of a complex sequence of care (like gtube care, meds and feeding for example). Set up another 1 hour alarm to remind me to check on the effectiveness of a pain med. People seem to usually try to do this all in their head, but when that happens a lot of things get missed.

I'll have to get back to looking, feel free to share any watches you think fit the bill.

EDIT: WHOA. Check this one out.

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Strong One said...

I myself use a Timex Expedition. It's similar to the 'Ironman' watch, but slimmer and the face is not as bulky.
It has 3 alarms, a timer as well as a chronometer. And it as the blue indiglo night light.
I especially like the Velcro wrist band.
With this watch you have the ability to set up to 7 different timing clocks (3 alarms, 1 timer, and 3 settings on the chronometer)
Best of luck with your search.
Oh by the way.. it's water resistant up to 100M.