Trends (concept map)

I noticed a recent drop-off in my number of visitors-per-day. Curious as to the reason, I started to poke around in Google Trends a bit today.

As you can see, google searches for concept map peak around the beginning of the fall semester, and then drop off around..well, now. Since most of my incoming traffic is searches for concept maps (and links from my concept map on google images), I suppose this isn't all that surprising.

This lends further evidence to my theory that concept mapping has no relevance outside the realm of educators who are out of their depth and struggling to come up with busywork.

It's also interesting to compare side by side the trends analysis of "concept map" and "nursing education". Notice something?

Also, searches for "yawngasm" were too few to show up in trends. Go me! Heh.

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Strong One said...

We could make an argument for the likeness of 'concept maps' to the newly popular 'mind-mapping' going on throughout Web 2.0.