Almost made it through the week! I did three 4-hour shifts at the nursing home, and I got to work with a lot of different RNs and LPNs in the process. Everyone is friendly and has quirky senses of humor. From what I've been told, the plan's been to give me some practice with the med and treatment carts just to be able to fill in when things get slammed.

The next orientation shift this weekend is a full 12 hours, and I'll be spending more of my time learning the administrative side of things and doing admissions. I've seen RNs get so hung up on those they don't administer any meds or treatments, something that doesn't exactly ingratiate you with the LPNs. I think part of the reason I'm going to work out well here is that I'd -rather- be spending my time doing direct patient care, so I'll figure out efficient ways to get all of the administrative work done and still help out on the floor.

I called up and asked for another shift of orientation at the nursing home next week, I figure, hey, I have a day off from the pedi job during the week, might as well pick up another shift there while I can for orientation.

More job offers have been coming in, one of them is very tempting. 24 hours, paid for 36 hours. All at once (or maybe over a weekend?). Weekly. At something probably closer to $30 an hour than $25. At another nursing home closer to home.

The facility I'm working at now is thinking of getting Nintendo Wiis and Wii Fits for the residents. Why not?

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