Search Round-up

Here are some of the latest hilarious search strings that have lead people to my blog.

"what does ETOH stand for in speech pathology"

-probably the same thing it stands for everywhere else. Either speech pathologists don't have to take chemistry nowadays or some befuddled patient just figured out their therapist is calling them a lush behind their back.

"2nd grade government concept map"

-what kinds of governments are 2nd graders throwing together these days? Maybe they can assume control of our treasury.

"concept map" continues to be my most popular search string, with maybe 85-95% of searches leading to my blog containing that phrase, further evidence that concept mapping is rediculous obscure makework porn for Education types who desperately want to avoid teaching.

"cholyangiopancreatography strangely"

-i get why someone might want to look up cholyangiopancreatography, and since I mentioned it in a previous post it doesn't seem strange...but "strangely"? Are they looking for strange versions of the procedure or accounts of alien abduction experiences during the proceture or something? I don't get it.

"a student nurses clinical experience account of hanging IV piggyback meds"

-Oh brother/sister, the stories I could tell YOU about hanging piggyback IVs as a student! Oh, wait, I did already, that's why that search string worked. There are other stories, though. Horrible stories. I'm not typing them here. So there.


-this is another popular one, since I posted about this I get maybe one or two hits a week for this string.

"nursing symptom concept map"

-if you have a stethoscope around your neck and you spent all day administering drugs to people, it might be a symptom that you've come down with a case of nursing.

"concept map metabolism"

-Just order the biochemical pathways wallchart from roche. Better yet, here's a colorful web version.

"generalized anasarca"

-that's cute. Since anasarca is generalized edema, that's like saying "automatic ATM", or "military soldier". How many can you come up with? Please respond.


-whoa. two things. one, that's crazy, and two, stop yelling at my blog.

"foley catheter anatomical drawing"

-someone has a weird fetish.

"concept map 5th grade math"

-ohhh, I get it now. when educators are training other educators how to educate they come up with some of the WORST IDEAS EVAR!!!!11111one

"graphs about RNs"

-are you serious? I guess I can see why one of our faculty members gave us homework to do on how to formulate search queries. yeesh. See this chart here? This is a bar graph illustrating the relationship between the numbers of hour per week RNs make compared to the number of pastries they eat. Note the "uncanny valley".

"nursing educator photos"

-now that's just creepy

"how do they fix a csf leak after craniotomy"

-I'm sure kleenex is involved

"concept map of string instruments"

-ok, seriously now. Are people really making concept maps of classes of musical instruments? This is getting way out of hand. We need a desperate return to the days where people were educated through insightful lecturing and reading books. fo reals.

"good concept map"


"nursing concept maps for hopelessness"

-you said it, sister.

...and that about brings us all the way back to where we were last time I posted on this subject. This was just a hand-picked selection out of 200-300 search terms in the past few weeks (excluding image search).

In the past seven days:

4 searches for "yawngasm"
11 searches for various types of concept maps
72 image searches, nearly all of which lead to my concept map post.

In the past thirty days:

7 searches for "yawngasm"
41 searches for concept maps that occured more than twice for the same search string
365 hits from image search.
51 hits from google web search
10 via twitter

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