Audiobook Casting Call

A couple of weeks ago, in a sleep deprived and addled state, I thought it would be a good idea to make an audiobook of Roger William's Novella/Serial Passages. A long time ago I planned on making an audiobook out of a story I liked, but none of the books at hand seemed suitible, and being the perfectionist I am, couldn't find the time or manpower to pull it together. Now that I'm (very) gainfully employed, now seems like the right time to do it. Plus, this story made me want to make an audiobook of it in ways that other stories have not.

If that sounds like fun to you, read AT LEAST ONE but PREFERABLY ALL of the stories below, and post a comment indicating the part you would like to read. If you don't have an audio recording device better than a hand-held voice recorder, I'll arrange for your equipment. Feel free to add to the notes as well if you think of something after reading one or more of the stories.

The biggest role I'm going to do myself, partly because it's too big a task to foist on someone else (as the main role is the narrator for 3 out of the 5 stories), and partly because...hey, it was my idea. These rolls are any character named "Tom", and all machine intelligences except the "Borden AIs". There are male and female rolls, some large, some small, many of which I'll be adding filters to with the kaoss pad later (one of the stories involves a transition from a character being a human pilot to a machine intelligence hundreds of millions of years old).

Here are the chapters:

Passages in the void
1 machine (bringer of minerva)
1 adult male
1 child male

The Passage Home
3 machines (bringer of Minerva, controllers of Tristan, controllers of Sol)
Last Leader of Reykjavik
Captain Marla
Heretic (dorn)
Captain Dana

Rite of Passage
1 machine (bringer of minerva)
Blue Army sentry
Blue Army commander (scott)
Big Keep Trader
Orange Army Soldier

Mortal Passage
Dr. Ieyoub
Director Adley
Borden AI

Revelation Passage
Bringer AI
Borden AI
Borden Maker
Descendant Minervan Bringer AI
Tom from Alpha
Tom from Alpha's Wife
Prince Alex of Loki
Princess Anne of Minerva


Omit ", I said ; , He said" ?

Machine dialogue should use similar but noticiably different filters for dialogue and narrative. Borden AIs should have more machine-like voices.

Mortal Passage - Morse code+text how?

Mortal Passage - Smoothly transition voice from unfiltered voice to bringer of minerva throughout story

Mortal Passage - Tom's Revisions:
1.0 ca. (what's ca.?)
2.6 ca. +10 years
2.7 ca. +12 years
3.1 ca. +15 years
4.5 ca. +20 years
3.67 ca. +23 years
7.2 ca. +40 years
22.70 ca. +210 years
306.47.12 ca. +5830 years
1467.92.811 ca. +6490 years
1711.12 ca. +9700 years
1711.17 ca. +65000 years
1711.22 ca. +115000000 years
1.01 ca. +1220000000 years

I'm also interested in recording an audiobook of The Metamorphosis of Prime Intellect (by the same author) but have not developed a casting list yet. Let me know if you're interested in that one as well.

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