The pavement. I must pound it.


Chris said...

You don't have a job yet? If you want to live in upstate NY, give a call to CVPH Medical Center and I'll put in a good word for you. Want to work in MHU? I think we need psych nurses right now.

PM, RN said...

I have an interview tomorrow at a nursing home...i've been putting off applying at nursing homes because I really wanted to get some hospital med/surg or psych experience.

I'll look them up and submit my resume. Send me an email at additionofzeroes@gmail.com with your name and i'll use you as a reference. Thanks for your help!

I've applied to all of the hospitals around me and they all say "well, you interviewed well, but we had other applicants who worked here in another role or had references from employees. Very frustrating. It seems like the employers who are willing to train you want you to have an "in" so they know they aren't wasting their resources in training you, and the rest want 1 year of experience so they won't have to train you themselves...makes me wish i did an internship instead of going to japan!

may said...

what? i thought there is a shortage?

i hate that reason. if they put it in their ad that they want this or that much experience, then you won't waste your time right? i think it is unfair that they get somebody who has more experience, if they say in their ad that they don't require experience.

anyway, i hope you find the right one that will work for you soon :)

PM, RN said...

Yeah..well, when the have the choice between hiring someone with no experience and investing time and money into training them, and hiring someone who's pre-trained, it's pretty obvious which one they'll go for. It's because health care is a business, and it really shouldn't be.