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So, I didn't get the job I posted about last time I posted about a job interview. As it turns out, two of the other applicants had job references that worked at that same hospital. I was told that I "interviewed well", which I guess counts for something.

Being told that made me think of my references, and the hospitals they come from. They're from faculty members at the Nursing School I graduated from. Two of them come from the large community hospital in our state's capitol, the third comes from a state mental hospital which is in the middle of a hiring freeze. I was resisting applying at the big community hospital, but it just might be that I'll have to suck it up and resign myself to the 50-60 minute commute. Getting up at 5AM to haul myself up there was a huge chore a couple of semesters ago.

The other alternative is nursing homes, since I don't have an "in" at any of the other hospitals (although someone's working on something for me at the hospital closest to my home) and I've never worked in one before, I may just have to "pay my dues" for a year or two at an SNiF.

So anyway, in the meantime, I've been keeping myself busy with Aikido. If I can't make money I can at least get some exercise, right?

My home dojo hosted a seminar this past weekend, with a great guest teacher. I was injured, so I couldn't train, but I took a bunch of great pictures and video.

From Aiki Farms Seminar 2008

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