I had an interview at a nursing home a couple of towns away from home. It was a pleasant experience, so far this has been the most desirable place to work out of all of the ones I've interviewed at so far.

It's a nursing home nestled in a retirement community, a sort of swanky cruise-ship-on-land, where there's an in-house VNA, the previously mentioned skilled nursing facility, and all sorts of other services like physical therapy, a huge swimming pool, you name it. It reminded me of the integrative model of health care that I saw in the state mental hospital, making a health care facility seem less like a health care facility and more like a community.

Even better, the job pays 29/hr instead of the 24-25/hr that all the hospital jobs I applied for pay, and the corporation that owns the retirement community, home nursing agency and skilled nursing facility have similar integrative retirement communities all over the country, so there's opportunities for being an in-company traveling nurse, without the need for an agency. They do a lot of in-service training, and there's lots of opportunities to get experience in wound care, EKGs, ortho, neuro, all the stuff I'd get to do in a med/surg environment. Being able to develop long-term therapeutic relationships with the patients also sounds like a good idea to me.

So, I have to go back up there with my completed application and hang out for a shift to get a feel for the unit and show my interest, I hope I get the job. They said they DO hire new grads, so that's something at least.

On the ride back from the interview (about 20 minutes ago) I got a phone call from an unfamiliar area code. The woman on the other end wanted to know if I was available to work on October 13th, and that she had found my resume on Monster.com. She offered me a 1-day position providing first aid at a home improvement store. 27 dollars an hour, 7:30AM to 3:30PM. I balked at first, explaining that I didn't have any experience and am still looking for my first RN position. She said all I had to do was first aid, and that having previous health care experience was enough. So, why not! I told her yes. I'm going to do a bunch of reviewing before the job. I feel pretty solid in my first aid skills, but this will be my first paid nursing position, so I want to walk in confident that I can handle anything from scrapes to shock in a first-aid capacity. Even though it's only a one-day gig, I'm pretty excited about it. She said to wear scrubs or street clothes and a labcoat. She also said not to mention that I'm a new grad, it might "make them nervous". Heh.


RehabNurse said...

Try your local VA if you have one in the vicinity.

They're always looking for people, and many times, the jobs aren't always listed on the internet.

Good pay and good benefits and many areas want new grads.

Check out vacareers.va.gov to find a nurse recruiter in your area.

PM, RN said...

I checked out the VA website..geez, applying for federal employment is complicated!

I like the idea of working at the VA, but the closest one is about 45 minutes from home. That's actually not all that bad considering how far afield I'm looking.

Thanks for the suggestion, I'll definately look into it.