Internet Search Query Highlights

I really get a kick out of seeing what people were searching for on the internet that lead them to this blog. I don't get quite the level of hilarity as some of my healthcare blogger compatriots, but I still occasionally run across something that makes me larf.

"normal trombonin values"
-I think you meant "Troponin". I do mention "trombonin" quite a few times on this blog, though, so good try.

-I busted out with this once when the child abuse specialists came to talk to our nursing class. I think I blew a few minds when the presenter was struggling to remember this word and I knew it immediately.

"eupnic in a sentance"
-I did, in fact, use eupnic in a sentance..but why not just look up the word eupnic?

""There Is No Friend Anywhere""
-This one sent shivers down my spine, it's from a Robert Anton Wilson book called the Illuminatus! Trilogy. I searched for this phrase myself on google, and there I was, on the second page of two pages of search results. Oh, what have I wrought.

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