Drivin to Doylestown

...Doylestown, PA, that is.

I'm getting up at 6AM and driving all the way over there for an aikido seminar.


*warning* some of the pages on that site link to some kind of thing that tries to trick you into installing anti-spyware software (which is most likely spyware..I'll have a little chat with them about that when I get there).

It'll just be me and the two Ushi Deshi from the farm, driving out of state and then training together.

I get a lot out of training with the two of them. They train much more frequently than the rest of us (since they live there), and even though they're only about half of a rank ahead of me I get almost as much out of it as I do training with the 1st Dan in the class.

I think part of the fun is being comfortable enough with them to counter the techniques when I sense one of them is off balance. The techniques almost evolve their own taxonomy of jokes or pranks. There was this one time when the resident Yogi applied Sankyo, forcing me to step backwards around her because of torque applied to my wrist. She held my hand near her head and not her chest, however, so I was able to arc my hand over her head, sending her tumbling backwards with it.

I'll make sure to take pictures tomorrow, I just spent 60 dollars getting a new battery charger for my phone (ugh), so stay tuned for photos of aikido-y goodness and the ushi deshi.

When I come back, some more trombonin', and a long overdue night in my backyard with some friends.

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