A festival of sails, the end of an era, in which I rock out on the trombone multiple times

I'll have more nursing related posts soon, hopefully...like as soon as I get a job! I may just wait till I pass my boards (which I'm scheduled to take in a couple weeks) before I start seriously pounding the pavement again. Those extended care facilities are starting to look mighty tempting...

This weekend was our annual street festival / fireworks display downtown. My original plan was to spend all day at an aikido seminar, swing down to the festival to play with a band, then head back to the seminar for some sake and dancing.

Fate had other plans for me this weekend, though.

A few days prior, the Bindlestiff Family Cirkus came to town, with a reduced cast and truncated show.

The juggler was a lot of fun to watch, he juggled both rings and balls.

Friday afternoon (just as I was waking up), I got a call from Adam (pictured in a video below) telling me the Hempsteadys lost their substitute trombone player and asking me if I wanted to hop in. I've been wanting to play out as much as possible, so I learned the horn lines to..let's say...8 or 9 songs that night, performed with them friday night, and then again on Saturday night after the fireworks. Bye-bye aikido seminar! That's alright, though, I had a lot of fun. My regularly scheduled performance with Gone for Good went great, although I feel like I screwed up my solo.

I made up for this Sunday night, when a random person (who I've met before, just didn't remember) stopped by the oasis with a full set of drums, so I called the bassist from Welcome to Florida and the three of us jammed out all night. I got to improvise the whole time, which I think is a lot more fun. We played mostly jazz/funk.

So, the tally for the weekend was four performances with three different groups of people. Not bad for only having picked the trombone back up last month!

The best / worst / best again part of the weekend was ISL's last show. Here's a video of the end of their set:

The end of one thing is often the beginning of another, however. There's a project in the works that I'm going to get a chance to be a part of involving some of these people and others from other bands. Two words: Funeral Tangos. Lovely.

For years after I stopped playing the trombone I was kicking myself for not keeping up with it, either because of bands like the one videoed above reminding me of the level of skill that I approached in high school, or others that would have me scratching my head and saying to myself "damn, I was way better than these guys back in the day".

Well, now I'll hopefully have a chance to make some music with the people from around town I've found the most inspiring.

Enjoy the videos!

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