The state nursing job I've been after is almost within my grasp, I just have to follow up on the call I got last week some time later today. Hopefully it pans out, not working is more tiring than it sounds!

I practiced trombone with local band "gone for good" for four hours today, my lips are soooo tired. The three songs we've banged out sound tight, though, we got to demo what we've accomplished so far for some discerning ears and got excellent feedback.

We're playing at our local downtown music festival this weekend, which should be a good time. It's going to conflict with the Aikido seminar also taking place this weekend, but I should be able to find a way to shoot my musical wad and return to the farm in time for the gourmet food and flavored sake ;0

I came home from the chaos of downtown tonight to find that there's a fridge full of huge ribs and garlic battered corn. mmmmm...

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