Holding Pattern

After getting the brush-off from the general hospitals in the area, I'm waiting for the first of July for the state hiring freeze to be over, then I'll know if the state mental hospital or university health center will be the place where I enter into nursing practice. At this point, I'm about to accept whatever job offer lands on my desk first, really! If neither of those places work out, I'll have to send in applications to the two major cities 45 minutes or so away from me. I suppose either one would be a nice change of pace, but now that I've embroiled myself in some non-work activities I suspect I'll stay relatively close to home, for a while at least.

Go (Baduk, Wei qi) continues to take up the majority of my time. I just picked up a snazzy new reversible 9x9 / 13x13 board from one of the other guys in the Go club. Most of my afternoons are filled with playing Go on the internet at the coffee shop, and then when that closes, to the bar. Wash, rinse, repeat. At the last Go club meeting, I actually beat a First-Kyu player three times in a row on a 9x9 board (that's 9 stones stronger than my current KGS rank)!

Aikido continues to be a lot of fun, despite the fact that my knees and the tops of my feet get all scraped up in the process. I'm about 1/5th of the way to being able to take my exam for 5th kyu, I'll make sure to video record it and post it when that happens. There's going to be a "Friendship seminar" at the dojo next month, with about 300 or so people sleeping over at the farm, with five aikido training sessions and one organic farming session. I've been training the Ushi Deshi (apprentices) at the farm in Go, which makes for a nice relaxing way to spend an hour or two after training. The 9x9 / 13x13 board should help with this, that way I can have time to play a game with both Ushi Deshi instead of alternating between one and the other.

The Trombonery is going pretty well, too, I'll be playing at our local summer music festival with a rock-a-billy band. We had our first practice together last week, and the three of us knit together in the horn section, being the pros that we are/were, were able to bang out parts in no time. The band was pretty pleased with our progress and mentioned bringing us to more shows in the future. The jazz trio/quartet/quintet I've been jamming out with might establish a residency at one of the fancy restaurants in the area on top of that, which would be nice because that would pay about $150 a week for just a few hours work. I was just reflecting the other day on how after well over a decade of playing trombone (mostly jazz and concert band trombone), I've never been paid for playing. Well, there was a brief stint with a ska band back in my teenage years, but nearly all of that money went back into the band so it doesn't count. Heh.

So, these things keep me busy, but not nearly busy enough. I still have way too much time to go out every night and get bummed out by the people I run into. I'll probably feel a bit better once I've settled into my first nursing job, and maybe that will prompt some relocation. This place has too many bad memories attached to it, and it's a scene that got sour and stupid a long time ago.

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