Fun with kids and electronics, music and mayhem

One of my friends (who's a band director) invited me to come in to her music appreciation class and demo some of the gear I use to make music. It was a lot of fun, there were a bunch of sharp kids in the group, and between the turntable, laptop, Kaoss Pad and Silent Brass pickup-mute there was plenty of room for them to get some hands-on playtime in.

It was fun watching them play around with the gear, and it definitely made the days of one or two of them. Seeing some of their jaws drop when they figured out what kinds of things the equipment could do was classic. I hung around for a couple hours watching them play, adjusting a knob here or there, demonstrating a technique briefly to get them going in the right direction.

It was good to get everything all plugged in to make sure it's working, since a few of my friends from downtown are getting together at the coffee shop to improvise some ambient music to go along with some video art the drummer put together. I think so far there's a drummer, a DJ, a cellist, two guitar players, myself (I think i'll stick to the kaoss pad and a laptop serving samples), and someone with a monstrous homebrew cabinet stuffed to the brim with analogue synth (with patch cables and everything) that must stand at least 4' tall.

In addition to this, another friend of mine is getting together with me late in the week to mess around with the kaoss pad in parallel with a korg electribe and a moog synthesizer, that's been fun so far, especially because we share a lot of similar tastes and influences. It's turning out to sound like noise/breakcore, but it could just as easily spin off in any direction at all. The first stab at it was pretty experimental, but now that we have an idea how our equipment works together we should come up with some pretty interesting things.

The heat is getting ridiculous. I have my air conditioner cranked up all the way, thankfully now that I've put it in I've had an easier time getting to sleep.

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