Fourty-eight inches of digital madness

I did a double-take a couple of days ago when I walked through our living room. There's a new, very large samsung LCD tv sitting on the bricks where the fireplace used to be. It's one of those new fancy ones with HD and a nearly 180-degree viewable angle. I flipped around the new channels today, there's dozens of HD channels, including one that just plays movie trailers all day. Wild. I don't watch TV much, but the prospect of hooking up one of those next-gen gaming consoles up to it is pretty exciting. Watching animal planet in HD was pretty impressive, too. It looks all...3d and stuff.

Two nights ago a few of my friends from the coffee shop got together and played music for a couple of hours over a movie projected on the screen behind us. I took a CD full of field recordings from around our town and arranged them in a looper on my laptop, running that through my kaoss pad. That served as the ambient texture over which the drums, guitars, electric cello, keyboards and theramin jammed for a couple hours. The Kaosspad is good for playing those samples as an instrument, too. The performance was well received.

The next day, the drummer asked me to come down and play trombone with him and a bassist. I hadn't played trombone in front of people for..oh, I don't know..3 years or so maybe. I only just started picking the instrument back up because I'm playing with a local band at our downtown summer music festival. It went pretty well. My lips started to get tired halfway through, but that's what I'm practicing to correct. Even though it's been a while since I've drilled scales or anything like that, improvising over jazz and funk came back right away. I guess I didn't win the Louis B. Armstrong Jazz Improv award 8 years ago for nothin, eh? I'm going to play again with that same group at the bar that I frequent on Friday. I'm actually kinda excited about the downtown music festival, I'm going to be playing alongside the sax player from a band I really like, I remember watching them up on stage several times over the past few years, wishing I had stuck with the trombone so I could play with them, specifically with the sax player. Well, now I'm going to get my chance!

Here's a video of the experimental ambiance gig. The quality is kind of poor, I tried to extend the recording time by reducing the resolution, but then forgot to charge the battery so I didn't get much anyway. Oh well. A high-quality audio recording was made, so I'll post that soon.

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