Another interview....and now off to Aikido

I had an interview for a position on a Telemetry unit (generally higher in acuity then general medical/surgical floors) today, I think it went pretty well. It was at the same facility that turned me down for a position on their medical/pediatric unit, so I was glad they called me back for another round.

This unit was much different from the medical/pediatric floor, everything was shiny and new, the nurses all looked -very- busy, and this unit was just around the corner from "The Unit" (the ICU). I liked the few times I had clinical experiences in telemetry and ICU, the pace is faster, there are more interesting procedures to do and more "science" involved. It's also somewhat intimidating, on Nights there are four RNs and 1-2 PCTs for 30 patients! I wouldn't be thrown into that situation right off the bat, of course, but it's an example of how crazy things could conceivably get there. The manager was regaling me with stories of 8 admissions and 8 discharges all at 10PM, surges of overflow patients from the ED and things of that nature. She mentioned that they get a lot of ODs and DT (delerium tremens) patients, the hospital is in an area notorious for heroin. The local ambulances, from what I'm told, carry triple the doses of Narcan compared to ambulances in my area.

In three hours or so I'm going back to Aikido. My good buddy Jackofhares, student paramedic extraordinare that he is, treated and bandaged my knee and toe wounds from the unforgiving mat in the dojo. I'll have to pick up some moleskin or something, maybe get some knee pads.

Here's an Aikido video or two for those of you who are unfamiliar

Martial Arts - Aikido Techniques - video powered by Metacafe

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