She said to me "you're having a rough year"...

...and I suppose that's true. Another friend of mine died this week. Motorcycle accident. Passenger died as well. He moonlighted as the bouncer at the pub I spend my evenings. I've known him for years, but now that he's gone I can't think of anything to say.

I flipped through the videos taking up space on my camera just now and found some candid video from a couple of nights before the accident. It was eerie to see his face staring back at me from the screen of my laptop.

I suppose one of the disadvantages to having one favored coffee shop and one favored pub is that when people go missing, their absence is acutely felt.

Our pinning ceremony is less than two weeks, and I can't bring myself to summon up any enthusiasm for the prospect, not just because of this, but the events of the past year in general. This is a poor replacement for what I've lost.

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