First Day on The Job

....in a dream, that is.

I arrived on a unit that was a gestalt of a couple of the med/surg floors I had worked on. There was some kind of reception at the nurses station for the graduate nurses, close examination of the trays revealed some kind of processed meat like salami but thicker and somewhat burnt. I skipped out on the reception and collected my assignment. My assignment in this dream was one patient, in room 72. His diagnosis was some sort of rare condition that caused him to become violently ill when viewing certain wavelengths of light. A 1-patient assignment, with nothing else particularly wrong with him except that problem, an easy assignment for my first day. His family all came to visit him, a ridiculously large number of people, like 10 or so, I found myself trapped in a corner and couldn't move around the room. I asked everyone if they'd like a juice or some tea, and after hearing 4 drink orders I started writing them down. I walked over to the nutrition station to make their drinks, thinking to myself I'll have to make some quip about being the nurse and not the bartender before going over the plan of care with everyone. I put a pot of water on the coffee-maker and found the tea bags in some kind of card-pamphlet, where I found teas specifically designed for nurses. There were two different varieties, which were symbolized with two different pictograms describing their desired effects, along with several paragraphs describing the tea. One of them started out "Nursing is a social sort of technic..." (not technique) and then trailed off in that unstable way print does when you're dreaming (I still manage to read quite a bit in my dreams, I think that's common among speed-readers but I can't be sure).

That's all I can remember, probably because I'm writing this 12 hours or so after the dream occurred.

There were other bits, too, like stealing some sort of watercraft to get to a closed and locked hospital cafeteria that had people in it but wasn't allowing anyone else in. Many of my dreams (and I don't remember them often, maybe two or three times a year) seem to have video-game elements and themes to them, unsurprising since I've been an avid gamer since the age of five or so (and I'm a bit of a snob about it, most of the mass-market games are worthy of contempt).

I'm on a game downloading spree lately, catching up on some of the better-reviewed PC games I've been missing during nursing school (I'm definitely picking up a new console as soon as I get that first sweet, sweet cheque). In this blah sort of limbo between school and employment the games serve as a sort of desperate attempt to stave off the awful-awfuls that my life's been saturated with lately.

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