Updated concept map

Just for the heck of it, here's what the finished concept map ended up looking like.

Like Nurse Practitioners Save Lives said, it's busywork, one more unneeded hassle in the run-up to the NCLEX.

Still, though, while working on it, I remembered a conversation I had here at the coffee shop with a medical student. She mentioned that her education and training didn't really leave her with any idea of what nurses do, what the scope of their practice is, and what their training entails.

I didn't pick a very good patient for this assignment, it was somewhat "simple", but even the care of simple patients can become as complex as you're willing to make it.


Little Heck said...

Funny how Docs-to-be don't know what nurses do. And they can change our urge changes in our practice acts. Seems illogical to me.

PM, RN said...

Wow, this is hands-down my most popular and most searched-for post out of the 80 or so I've posted so far.

I'd just like to point out that my clinical instructor didn't like my concept map, saying it was visually too confusing and needlessly complex.

I happen to enjoy visually complex and needlessly confusing things, just be aware that your instructor might just want you to type words into 8 boxes and then draw arbitrary lines between them instead of the complicated flowchart I turned in.