Handing Off

We had our Elections/Handover meeting today in our school's chapter of the student nurse's association. I'm somewhat relieved to no longer be the president of anything for a while.

I dutifully printed up voting cards for everyone and drew out a checklist-agenda on the whiteboard, and even waited until the posted time to get started to see if anyone would want to run from the floor for a position, but no one did. Basically, the meeting consisted of the old board, the new board, and two active members from my own departing class who had information to share.

We had one nominee for each position, a rather peaceful way to transition. One of the two nominees for president took the secretary position that was vacant, and after skipping voting and candidate presentations and all of that rubbish, we set about imparting all of the advice we could come up with to ensure that the new officers hit the ground running this summer.

The new president was clearly annoyed, since she was one of the few first-year students in the room who HAD been active, but I think she may have forgotten that there were other people in the room besides her that we were addressing.

In any event, I'm excited for this new board, a couple of them bring some pretty heavy-duty experience from previous academic institutions with them, and their new faculty adviser is the best they could possibly have hoped for, with a strong interest in the organization and a strong background in management. I hope they find a way to get her to take over the faculty adviser position for our state, whoever's occupying that position now hasn't done us much good.

A few of us plan to make ourselves available in the coming years, we're forming the core of an alumni association, a rare thing for a two-year community college (in our experience, at least). I hope they aren't holding their breath for us to give them any financial support, but we at least plan to help them facilitate communication between the school and alumni, as well as getting pre-nursing students involved in the organization at the local and national levels (we think this should even the playing-field a little bit as far as four-year schools are concerned). We've already made some impact in the national arena, and this new board is poised to take it to the next level. It's nice to see.

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