Enter Little Heck

One of my classmates has joined me here in the blogosphere, check out Little Heck at "Rants of an Angry White Girl".

She was the other half of our dynamic resolution writin' and passin' duo, and she's well on her way to becoming a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist and kicking some major scholarly booty.

There are few people I consider friends or allies, particularly among my classmates, and this, I suspect, will be the only person I'll miss when I leave ADN school. Good thing she's bloggin' now!

Our friendship's been an exercise in the synthesis and synergy of opposites, of opposing views, beliefs and aesthetics, thrown together by virtue of the necessity created by being two of the few willing to step up and reach beyond the next class or the next test.

When things need to get done, it doesn't matter if the people at hand believe in the individual or the community, in red or blue, anarchy or social control, white bread versus wheat, beer versus cocktails, or anything arbitrary of that nature. What matters is the acceptance of a common goal, and the willingness to put all the small crap aside so that goal can be achieved with the help of domesticated primates (such as ourselves) with similar goals....

...while still being comfortable enough to give her crap for being a republican-votin' southern gal and her to give me crap for being a space-cadet hippy weirdo.

Cheers, Heck, and Thanks.

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