64 hours to go...

I've polished my white $20 reeboks until they sparkled, replaced the battery in my stethascope, printed out an organization sheet, gathered up my nutrition supplies, scrounged up a pen, so all that remains is to watch the last few minutes silently pass before heading to the hospital for the day's assignment.

I've got another sixty-four hours of bedside care to get through before I'm through with acute med/surg, and ADN school in general. I'm about one screw-up away from the faculty conclave having to "make a decision" about me. Unlike the rest of the cohort, who passes medications on one shift of the week and not the other, I'll be passing medications every shift until I'm through. This is actually fine by me, it's how it was back when I had a preceptor.

While the rest of the cohort skips out on a clinical day to go to some lecture or other about "ecological health" or something of that nature, I'll be on the unit with the isntructor, with no other students around. The reason for this was technically that I couldn't come up with the $25 fee for the luncheon, but the instructor feels that it would be a smart thing for me to do anyway. The rest of the cohort seem to be miffed that I'm depriving them of this bonding experience with the instructor so close to graduation, but...well, too bad, I guess.

In these few quiet moments before leaving for the hospital, I always get the nagging feeling that I'm forgetting something. I often do. One week it was my nametag (I put a peice of cloth tape over my chest and had a classmate write my name in sharpie), another it was my stethascope (I borrowed one from the med-room), another week it was money and/or food (I snacked on some positively repulsive bagels coated with granulated sugar left in the break-room from the previous shift).

This week it will definately be my PDA/Cellphone, which is probably sitting on the floor of an apartment downtown. I mainly use it as a drug-referance and care-planning guide on the unit, and browse through my RSS feeds while I'm eating (if I get a chance to eat). Looks like I'll be going back to flippin' the pages in good 'ol Mosby's today.

I passed my midterm evaluation, but only just barely. I was rated "weak" in several objectives, which are contained neatly in this week's clinical focus. "Management of Patient Care". I have a very short period of time to show a great deal of improvement.

So, off we go, then.

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