third time's almost the charm

I drove 400 miles today, and then attended clinical practicum. Official entry to follow. I -almost- made it. I stupidly forgot to check a patient's armband before hanging a new heparin drip. Catastrophic. Nothing bad happened as a result, but I'm way to far along to be making these newbie mistakes, and I'm on notice that next time I screw up one of the "five rights" the consequences will be severe. Rightfully so, most medication errors (from what I hear) can be traced directly back to seemingly innocuous lapses like these. If it werent for that one little thing, the day would have been more or less perfect. I actually left feeling pretty good about the day, despite the berating I got for that one element of the med-pass. I got everything done on-time, and even had enough free time to float around and help the PCTs with some challenging care.

In 24 hours or so I'll be at the NSNA (national student nurse's association) convention in grapevine, TX. Our school is putting forth a resolution, which I'm pretty excited about. Last semester I debated fiercely for our school's resolution (which passed) as well as several others (many of which passed), and got a lot of positive feedback on my empty-handed, extemporaneous debating style. This semester the resolution on the debating block is mah baby (well, -our- baby, factoring in the co-author), so you know I'll be pulling out all the stops.

I'm looking forward to the vacation, these conferences have been valuable opportunities to decompress and enjoy myself (it must be some indication of how locked-in I am that talking about and listening to people talk about nursing passes for "fun" with me). Also, simply, I enjoy traveling, and having a purpose or destination is helpful but not required.

Any other nursing students going to be there? Depending on where you're reading this, there may be a button nearby that anonymously links to my cellphone.

The end of nursing school seems to be chock full of gala events, social calls and networking. Maybe it just seems that way to me, who draws these things about me out of habit. I downloaded an NCLEX-RN review program to my PDA/Cellphone, it's been an entertaining way to pass the time in those empty moments. The questions all seem so easy, though, I hope the real boards are that easy! It seems like my program is doing a good job to prepare me academically for the Boards, but clinically...I dunno..twice a week just isn't enough, and practicing in three hospitals during four semesters is harder than I thought it would be.

My luggage for this trip, like with all trips, is measured in processing power instead of kilograms. I just don't feel like I'm prepared if I'm not carrying enough hardware to render at least 97 trillion triangles-per-second. My laptop, my PPC-phone and my goban are all I need, the clothing and toiletries are an afterthought. Every time I travel, I teach Go to at least one person.

Go is a game over which strangers can instantly become friends, through which paltry concerns such as age, race and creed dissolve in the presence of the Unknowable.

Will you play Go with me?

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