I went to a gala for my school the other day. I was notified of it at the last minute, and couldn't find anyone to come with me. I guess that happens. I hung out with some people, took some long car rides through apocalyptic rainfall, and documented some of it for your enjoyment. Observe:

These two are first-year students. Nice to know there'll be people to pick up where I left off!

This is one of my classmates. The group of people who are active in things is a small club, so we see each other often.

This is one of the prenursing students. I shoulda danced with her when I had the chance.

This was desert. Since I'm too lame to find a date, I got two of these. Small consolation.

This is me. Hi, me.

More pictures of my classmates

People talked a lot..Everyone stood up and then sat down. The guest of honor was referred to as a "goomba", which is a rather derrogatory way to refer to an italian american.

Then I went to the bar.

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