Yesterday was our first quiz of the semester. Yawn. They're really making it easy on us during the home stretch. I found out later that I got a couple of simple ones wrong, but no matter. I'm pretty sure I got at least an 85. The content was all of the psych lectures and "labs" (extended lectures), and some questions about AIDS. Since people around my age have been getting education about AIDS since we were young, most of the information was old news. The questions from some of the older students highlighted the difference that education's made.

An AIDS-Care nurse came in to give a talk after the quiz (I don't know why they quiz us BEFORE they have experts come in to talk to us about it), she was a very entertaining speaker and gave an excellent presentation. Whenever one of us answered a question correctly, she gave us a condom. I answered a lot of questions, so I left with pockets full of prophylaxis. Hah! I was thinking of making a joke like "great, all I need now is a girlfriend!" but the words stuck in my throat.

After the nurse finished her presentation, a man and woman with HIV came in to talk about their experience living with the disease. They were both infected in the early 80s. The man attributed his longevity to aggressive pursuit of experimental therapies recommended by his trusted physician. The woman attributed her survival in spite of poor therapeutic regimen management to her stubborn nature. Both of them cited their physicians as their major source of hope and confidence in treating their condition, neither of them had been hospitalized for lengthy periods.

After class, I went to the student programs office to reserve our hotel rooms for the NSNA convention in Texas. I had to keep putting it off because I couldn't get definitive answers from my classmates as to whether or not they could travel, since there was some confusion about a quiz we'd miss while we were away. The convention center turned out to be full, as was the hotel they were suggesting as an alternative. I ended up reserving five rooms at another hotel about a mile away from the convention center. The hotel has free shuttle service, so it won't be that bad. I still don't know for sure how many students are coming with, but we can always cancel a room later if we need to.

Sorting out all the madness of the hotel rooms made me forget to meet up with the psych instructor for my evaluation. Whoops! I sent her an email, hopefully she can just reschedule it for later.

I'm thinking of doing my peer teaching project before graduation on combinatorial taxonomy in nursing diagnoses. Too dry? We'll see what the instructor thinks.

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